Dentistry Is Rapidly Changing…

…attracting and maintaining new patients is a high priority.

And now, more than ever it’s a priority to attract and maintain new patients. One of the best at this, is Dr. Marvin W. Berlin in McKinney, Texas.  Dr. Berlin’s practice, consistently collects over $9M a year and he has created a program to show you just what they do.

In his programs (which can be tailored to any practice size or need) Dr. Berlin explains his Yes Philosophy, walks you through Endo for the Gp, shows you efficient quadrant dentistry protocols, Aesthetic and Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Photography, and so much more!

You will learn the most effective places to advertise, how to attract media coverage, and how to get your existing patients referring more and more new patients. Dr. Berlin is proof that a general dental practice can thrive even in tough economic times and now you can too.

Some of Dr. Berlin’s Topics

  • Saying Yes
  • Same Day Treatment and how it can make a huge difference
  • Customer Service – Serving the Customer
  • Attracting New Patients
  • Branding
  • Emergency dentistry protocol
  • Achieving your ideal team attitude
  • Root Canals for the GP
  • Dental Photography simplified (why is it important)
  • Why Ad “themes” are critical
  • Why ad location is even more critical
  • What every practice needs to understand about marketing dentistry
  • Efficient quadrant dentistry
  • Neiman Marcus vs. Nordstroms (Why one is head and shoulders above the other)
  • Why Customer Service is critical to successful marketing
  • Ads that didn’t work…and why
  • Community Service as it relates to Branding – “Be Seen Everywhere”
  • Free Television Ads-What can we learn from NASCAR?
  • The “Crown” Sandwich
  • And much, much more…

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